Northern Twisters Special Dances 
1984 Norma England with the help of other Cuers like Pat Robertson, Helen Hall,
 Molly Smetaniuk; she would ask them to help with the cueing, till 1991.
Before this - Round Dancers danced to records with no cueing.
1991 Norma England Phil & Bev Hansen Maurice Hitchcock
1992 Norma England . Steve Edlund Norma England
1993 Chris Knowles Phil Hansen Barry Sjolin
1994 Sue Thompson Sue Thompson Molly Smetaniuk
1995 Sue Thompson Rick & Kathy Utter Sue Thompson
1996 Mary Anne Turner Barry Sjolin Jan Andreaschuck
1997 Jan Andreaschuk Mary Anne Turner Sue Thompson
1998 Jan Andreaschuk Phil Hansen Helen Maddeau
1999 Mary Anne Turner Maurice Hitchcock Molly Smetaniuk
2000 Helen Maddeau Helen Maddeau Francis Levitt
2001 John Petty Jerry Jestin Laura Peterson
2002 Brenda Juhala Jerry Jestin Mary-Anne Turner
2003 Sue Thompson Jerry Jestin Gary Dean
2004 Laura Peterson Jerry Jestin Gary Dean
2005 Mary Anne Turner Jerry Jestin Gary Dean
2006 Steve Edlund Jerry Jestin Ralph Halsall
2007 Chris Knowles Jerry Jestin Laura Peterson
2008 Mary Anne Turner Sue Thompson              Mary-Anne Turner
2009 Pat Meyer Connie Ritchie Sandy Meyer
2010 Mary Anne Turner Connie Ritchie Sandy Meyer
2011 Murray Few Lorne Smith Don Hollis
2012 Ray Brendzy Yvonne Clendenin  Don Hollis
2013 Ray Brendzy Pat Zeeman Don Hollis & Dolores Young
2014 Ray Brendzy Jerry Jestin Sandy Myers